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Hookena Beach Park

Hookena Beach Park
Hookena Beach Park - a very historic part of the island, once famously visited by Mark Twain. Hookena Beach stands to the south of Honaunau and features dark, volcanic sand, showers, an area for picnicking, and conditions perfect for both swimming and snorkelling
Ho`okena Beach Park is the historical site for one of the last fishing villages in Hawai'i. Ho'okena has a rich cultural history and remnants of its old commercial steamship pier remain. The beach is an exotic blend of fine gray coral and white sand. The ocean and scenic views are spectacular. The beach is popular for dolphin watching with pods of dolphins often swimming close to the shoreline. You may also see turtles or just enjoy the colorful array of fish in the near shore reef.

Ho`okena Beach Park is an excellent place to camp on the beach. You can camp on the beach, kayak, snorkel and learn Hawaiian culture and traditions. Reserve a campground permit as well as rent a kayak and/or camping/beach gear right here!