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Ahalanui Park

Ahalanui Park
Ahalanui Park - a spacious and unusual beach, boasting a large pond which is actually heated by natural volcanic activity. The Ahalanui Park is located on the Big Island's Kapoho / Puna Coast, along the Red Road. This is a great place to come if you are looking for a real taste of Hawaii, which is more than provides by the mature coconut palms and tropical foliage
This spring fed pool is part natural and part man-made. It is also volcanically heated to a balmy 90 degrees!

The bottom of the pool is sand and mud and has a slight sulfur smell. The water is brackish but very clear and fish often swim along with the visitors. A small inlet separates the pool from the ocean and allows the fish access to the pool.

The area is surrounded by palm trees, green grass and the Pacific Ocean making it a very beautiful and uncrowded tropical retreat.