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Hawaii Flora And Fauna

Hawaii Flora And Fauna
Hawaii is a natural marvel. Because the archipelago was never part of a larger landmass, none of the plants and animals that exist in Hawaii today originated there. It was not until after the lava cooled that tides, winds, and birds carried seeds to the islands.
Later, when Polynesian settlers arrived in canoes, bringing plant and animal species from their native lands, much of the flora and fauna on Hawaii developed special adaptations to their new home. Today, most of the biota on Hawaii—over 3000 plants, 7000 insects, 1000 land snails, 1500 mollusks, 600 fish, 100 birds, 1 bat, and 1 seal—exist nowhere else in the world.

Since Hawaii’s native plants and animals evolved in the absence of predators or competitors, they did not develop natural defenses like thorns or camouflage. As a result, many native species have been pushed to the brink of extinction by alien plants and animals that have been introduced to the islands in the past few hundred years. Considered the endangered species capital of the US, Hawaii has more endangered species per square mile and has lost a higher percentage of its endemic species than anywhere else on earth.